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Organizing for Action: We’re the people who don’t just support progressive change—we’re fighting for it.


President Obama: Organizing is fundamental

Organizing is one of the main reasons we've been able to make so much progress in communities around the country. Progress doesn't happen on its own—it's the result of people pushing for change in communities across the country.

And in 2016, there's still more work to do.

Check out this message from President Obama and join OFA supporters keeping up the fight for meaningful change.

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"It is up to all of us to keep the momentum going."

Despite the lack of action from Congress, organizers continue to push for progress on gun violence prevention.

As tragic acts of gun violence continue to plague communities across the country, last week, with several OFA volunteers in attendance, President Obama announced a series of common-sense executive actions that will help save lives.

For those who attended the event at the White House, watching President Obama's announcement proved incredibly moving. Read some of their reactions.

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When it comes to my health, I don't like to take any chances. Once I became a full-time graduate student, I had to go part-time at my job, and as a result, I got dropped from my insurance plan.



Diali Avila

2015 OFA fellow

Diali became an OFA fellow to learn new skills, broaden her organizing experience, and increase her impact in the fight for progress.