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Before you go...

We know—we email you a lot.


That's because we believe your voice matters. And you belong on the front lines of the most important fights going on today. That's the honest-to-goodness truth.


Together, because people like you believe in this work, we've proved we can take on even the most powerful interests and win.


That's as true right now as it's ever been: The next few months are going to be crucial for health care reform, and OFA has a critical role to play.


If helping make sure millions of Americans get covered with quality, affordable health care is something that matters to you, we need you to help fight for it today.


Obamacare has been under attack since the day it was passed, and we don't expect that to change. But we know these fights aren't won or lost on TV. It all comes down to the conversations we have.


We hope you'll stick around and fight some more—you matter:



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