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We’re Growing - One Volunteer At A Time

All across the country, volunteers will be knocking on doors, tabling at public events, and registering new voters. One volunteer at a time, we're going to build the biggest grassroots network that politics has ever seen.

You can help here in Missouri. There are events in
Kansas City and St. Louis

Here's some more good news: If you're one of the thousands of people already participating in the challenge to bring 50 new supporters into this campaign for the President's 50th birthday, any commitments you get on Saturday will count toward your total. And if you haven't signed up yet because you weren't sure how you'd get to 50, then Saturday is the perfect opportunity to get started.

The folks we bring into this campaign this weekend will go on to become volunteers and organizers in the months ahead, and recruit more friends to join us. Events like these are how we grow this organization and get the head start we need for 2012.

Click any city above to RSVP.

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