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Story #39: “I'm supporting President Obama because he never gave up on small businesses like mine"

alan korb blog

Alan Korb is the owner of Tuff Table here in New Hampshire and is a small business owner for Obama. We met Alan at an event with Governor Strickland at Tuff Tables in Belmont. Alan was just one of several small business owners sharing his story with the former Governor. We are sharing it today, as one of the 50 stories you just have to hear before you vote.

Alan formally registered Tuff Table 4 years ago, but Tuff Table began out of his garage in Nashua in 1997:

“After stepping on my son’s Legos one too many times, I decided to create a storage system that would house his Legos out of harm’s way. I built my first table with the tools and materials I could afford and gave Tuff Tables to friends as gifts to test out, they were instructed not to hold back, to use and abuse it. If it were to be called a Tuff table, it really did need to be “tuff." For ten years I continued to develop the product, building with materials and tools that I could afford--pocket change mostly. In fact, my entire business was built on pocket change. Tuff Tables has been in businesses since 2008, and I'm proud to be a small business owner and proud to know that my products are 100% American-made.”

“I'm supporting President Obama because he never gave up on small businesses like mine. He cut taxes for small businesses, helped Americans access credit and proposed the American Jobs Act, which enabled small businesses to grow and hire more Americans. It is because of his continued commitment to small business, especially in tax relief, that I want him in the White House for another four more years.”

If you too want to see President Obama in the White House for another four more years, then commit to vote right now.

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