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Durham meets Joe Biden


"I'm here because Joe Biden fights for the middle class ... and he's the perfect person to get me fired up on a Monday morning." —Joe from Raleigh

"I brought my grandson with me today because this election is about his future." —Ronaldo

"Joe Biden is just awesome, plain and simple. As a college student, I know that he is fighting for me." —Fleming

Supporters in Durham gave Vice President Joe Biden a warm welcome on Monday. At the event, a few folks shared why they look up to the Vice President, and why they’ll keep working hard for him in the final 84 days of this election.


"In Joe Biden, I see the same working class background that my father came from. I admire my father for how he works for others, and I admire Joe Biden for that same reason." —Rachel, a neighborhood team leader in Chapel Hill


"You don't have to be a billionaire for Joe Biden to care about you. He is for all Americans." —Reba


"In Joe Biden, I see the values that I care about. That’s why I work so hard every day." —Chrissy, a neighborhood team leader


"The choice couldn't be clearer now, and Joe Biden is the one fighting for everyday Americans." —Tim

Lend the Vice President a hand while he’s out on the campaign trail—get involved in your neighborhood today.

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