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“I know that President Obama has the best interests for my community”

Arthur in Florida support President Obama

"The first ballot I cast was in 1944 for FDR's fourth term. I was barely 21-years old and stationed in New Guinea during World War II flying combat missions. As soldiers, we were encouraged to vote by absentee ballot, so we all sat together and filled out our ballots in our tents.

"Now I'm proud to stand with President Obama as a veteran and as a senior.

"I know that President Obama has the best interests for my community. He's protecting Medicare, not turning it into a voucher! Obamacare is something that's been long overdue. As a veteran, it's important to me that he brought our troops home from Iraq and took out Osama bin Laden.

"People need to put their actions where their heart is and get involved. Unfortunately I can't knock on doors, but I make phone calls and it's great, I've met some pretty fine people. There's not even two weeks left to do everything we can, and we need to. Let's re-elect this President.

Volunteer in Florida

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