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America Forward! in photos

  • Air Force One waiting for departure
  • Arriving in Davenport
  • Waiting for Barack Obama in Davenport
  • Barack Obama walks on stage in Davenport
  • Barack Obama talks to the audience in Davenport
  • Barack Obama shakes hands with supporters in Davenport
  • Barack Obama has lunch with neighborhood team leaders
  • Barack Obama waves in Davenport
  • High five in Denver
  • Supporter after high fiving the President in Denver
  • Barack Obama and Jay Leno on set
  • Supporters in Las Vegas
  • The crowd in Las Vegas
  • Barack Obama talks to casino workers in Las Vegas
  • Barack Obama buys donuts in Tampa
  • Barack Obama shoots basketball in Tampa
  • Barack Obama walks on stage in Tampa
  • Barack Obama greets the crowd in Tampa
  • Barack Obama holds a baby in Tampa
  • Barack Obama and the crowd in Richmond
  • Barack Obama behind the podium in Richmond
  • Barack Obama voted
  • Barack Obama calls voters in Chicago
  • The podium in Cleveland
  • Barack Obama at the podium in Cleveland
  • Barack Obama speaking in Cleveland
  • Barack Obama in front of Air Force One in Cleveland
  • Barack Obama and crowd in Cleveland

Eight states in two days for Barack Obama—check out the photos and share them with your friends.

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