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A must read poem

Check out this poem in the Letter to the Editors Section of today's Portsmouth Herald.

First I say I do and then I don't
Then I say I will and then I won't
I leave everything in the air
That's what I call Romney care.
First I do a flip and then I flop
I try to go ahead and then I stop
I put all my assets over there
That's what I call Romney care.
I take from the poor to give to the rich
I vacillate back and forth without a hitch
I don't believe in paying my fair share
That's what I call Romney care.
I shipped many jobs overseas
And stripped many companies bone bare
Forcing many Americans onto welfare
That's what I call Romney care.
I'll say anything that you want to hear
Because to take a position is my greatest fear
If it's pro or con I simply agree
Because it's not about you, it's all about me.
So vote for me, if you dare
Because of one thing that I'm sure
myself and Ryan will take away your Medicare
That's what I call Romney care.

John Curry
York Harbor, Maine

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