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News Entries in volunteers

  • The Weekly Wrap-Up

    It's been a busy week as organizers and supporters across the country continue to build our campaign. Take a look at some of the top sto

  • Jeremy Bird 042911

    Just listening to Bryon w @OFA_WY - reminds me of how great it is to have real organizing happening in every single state #obama2012

  • OFA_MI 042811

    Are you a small business owner that benefited from tax credits in #HCR? Ben J did, and is IN for #Obama2012

  • OFA_PA 042711

    You are never too young or too old to volunteer. Geof and Nick of Pittsburgh are both In. #Obama2012

  • Jeremy Bird 042611

    .@OFA_TX's James F held his first 1:1 2day. He met w a TX woman who "was particularly passionate about education." She's In #Obama2012

  • The Weekly Wrap-Up

    Starting today, we'll be rounding up some of the week's best blog posts every Saturday. Welcome to the inaugural Weekly Wrap-Up! In case

  • The Week in Pictures

    Monday, April 18th 2011 Supporters declare "I'm In" at a strategy session in Lake County, Florida. Tuesday, April 19th 2011 The crowd c

  • OFA VA 0422211

    Our Chesapeake Community Organizer had a 1-on-1 w/ Michael. He's in for #Obama2012: “because of my 4 grandkids.”

  • Jeremy Bird 042111

    .@OFA_WA's Jeremy W rocked 8 1-on-1 meetings yesterday. He's also building incredible local neighborhood teams #obama2012

  • OFA_NY 042011

    2012 starts here. Find out how the NY team is helping us build this campaign in their community. #Obama2012

  • Jeremy Bird 041911

    @OFA_MO's CO Sarah S. on her wknd: "My team & I almst don't have enough hrs in our schedules 2 do all the 1:1s being requested" #obama20