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News Entries in volunteers

  • Telling your personal story

    One-on-one conversations between volunteers, friends, and neighbors are the foundation of this campaign—and telling your personal story

  • A Big Week

    As President Obama talked about his blueprint for an America built to last in his State of the Union address and trip across the country

  • 2011: Campaign Milestones

    On April 4th, 2011, we officially launched our 2012 campaign and began building this organization in cities and towns across the country

  • @OFA_NC

    Today we’d like to thank all of our volunteers for giving us the greatest gift of all—their support and hard work. #NC2012 #Obama2012

  • 2011: Reports from the Field

    Volunteers and supporters have been organizing on the ground all over the country since we kicked off this campaign in April, making cal

  • What Iowa’s Been Up To

    Iowans across the state haven’t skipped a beat this fall as they get ready for the first Democratic caucus of the 2012 campaign on Janua

  • @OFA_WI

    The Madtown O's are an organizing force in the Madison community, and share some advice for new teams: http://OFA.BO/MMykF6. #OFA_WInnin

  • The Weekly Wrap-up

    Emily is one of the 2.5 million young adults who now has health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Watch her story. President

  • I Am Glad It Has Come

    Jenny wrote in about what the end of the war in Iraq means to her: I am 76 years old and live in a small Mormon town in Utah. I was so d