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The Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare

Today was a good day for millions of Americans—but opponents of health care reform won't just stop now.

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  • Win a trip to Hawaii

    How about a Hawaiian vacation—on OFA?

    The truth is organizing is happening everywhere. Hawaii is one of the states making great strides on progressive issues. Celebrate that progress in person—enter today to win a free trip.

  • Proud to fight

    "The fact that we've come so far is exactly why we can't let up now."

    After years of struggles, setbacks, and resistance, we are making progress towards winning the fight for LGBT equality. But there's still more to do.

  • "It was the honor of a lifetime"

    Meet Jennifer, an OFA fellow who got to introduce the President

    I've seen a lot of dreams made real since I started organizing, but as the daughter of two immigrants, nothing compares to how I felt watching my father pass pass his citizenship exam. That feeling is something I want others to experience, and it's what drives me to learn more and get better as a community organizer.

    Being an OFA fellow has allowed me to channel my inspiration from the stories of great leaders—and to meet one of those I most admire.

  • Five stories you don’t want to miss this week

    The latest edition of the Truth Team digest

    Five of the biggest news stories from the past week you won't want to miss:

    • The U.S. economy continues on the right track, adding 223,000 new jobs in April.
    • A new study shows the Affordable Care Act is responsible for a dramatic expansion of insurance coverage.
    • Here's a great take-down of some of the biggest climate change myths.
    • The President's Clean Power Plan could save thousands of lives each year.
    • Cutting NASA’s earth science budget is a real threat—and it affects all of us.
    Check them out, and make sure to pass them along.

    No fluff, just facts—that's the Truth Team way.

  • Yumi believes in DREAMers

    Working with OFA helped her realize the power of we.

    Yumi is familiar with the experience of being an immigrant—her passion for helping DREAMers stems from painful periods in her own life. Read her story.

  • Here are some articles you don’t want to miss

    The latest edition of the Truth Team Digest

    This time, we bring you five recent news stories that answer the following questions:

    • Why does the President's trade policy matter?
    • How would a decline in U.S. science spending threaten our economy and security?
    • Why did the Transportation Secretary say our system is “in a huge ditch"?
    • What would it be like if you made a bunch of negative predictions about the President's policies and none of them actually came to pass?
    • What's President Obama's best case for taking immediate action on climate change?

  • Meet Peggy

    Here's how one great organizer is making a difference in Utah.

    Everyone gets their start in organizing through a unique set of circumstances. For Peggy, that new direction wasn't an expected one—but now, she has no plans of going back.

  • Some great articles you may have missed last week

    The latest edition of the Truth Team Digest

    Some news stories you won't want to miss:

    • Why does equal pay matter? Find out here.
    • What would happen if opponents actually repealed the Affordable Care Act
    • In its first 100 days, Congress tried really hard to undermine energy and environmental laws.
    • What does gun violence in America really cost? Here are 16 charts to show you the numbers.
    Check these stories out, and be sure to pass them along.

    No fluff, just facts—that's the Truth Team way.

  • Purr-fect inspiration

    One organizer's story about finding inspiration to be part of the fight for change

    Everyone has a unique way they get involved—this is mine.

  • Rewired

    An organizer in the west shares how she starts the conversation—and keeps it going!

    Meet Shirley.

    She's one of OFA’s Regional Digital Co-leads.

    She was an active protester in the 1960s and 70s.

    An organizer all her life, her work with OFA is a new chapter in her organizing career.

    Now she's helping run the digital programs for an entire region of the country.

    Read why she has no intention of slowing down.

  • Three stories everyone should read

    The latest edition of the Truth Team digest

    Three of the biggest news stories from the past week you won't want to miss:

    • Obamacare is helping to prevent tens of thousands of patient deaths. Seriously.
    • How one member of Congress attempted—and failed—to get people to tell horror stories about Obamacare.
    • Climate change is real and happening now, but the United States has a plan.
    Check them out here, and then share to spread them around.

    No fluff, just facts—that's the Truth Team way.

  • Finding Inspiration

    My story of scouting, canvassing, and getting involved.

    I’ve been an organizer practically as long as I’ve been able to write my name. Everyone’s reasons for getting involved are unique—here’s my story.

  • Here’s what you told us

    We asked OFA supporters about the direction you want to take this organization—and this is what you said.

    Earlier this year, we sent out an extensive survey to ask OFA supporters to assess and improve our programs. Check out some of our key takeaways.

  • Meet President Obama

    The deadline is tonight

    Do you want to have your moment with President Obama? Flight and hotel for you and a guest are on us, but you have to enter before midnight.

  • Want to meet President Obama?

    This could be your chance. Find out how.

    We each have our own reason for getting involved in the fight for progress. Share yours, and you'll be automatically entered to win a trip to Washington, D.C., to meet the President.

  • Obamacare turns five

    Take a moment to celebrate your hard work—and the millions of people who health care reform has helped.

    No more pre-existing conditions. No more lifetime caps. Quality, affordable health care for millions of Americans. What a difference five years can make!

  • We have a "winner"

    After four rounds and more than 200,000 votes cast, we have a Champion Denier in the Climate Change Fantasy Tournament.

    There were plenty of qualified candidates, but in the end, Senator Jim "Snowball" Inhofe won out.

  • Three stories everyone should read

    The latest edition of the Truth Team digest

    Huge strides in renewable energy.

    The geography of the gender gap.

    How Obamacare is cutting health care costs.

    Check out the biggest news stories from the past week—and then share to spread them around.

    No fluff, just facts—that's the Truth Team way.