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News Entries in organizing

  • Volunteer on Election Day

    All over the country, organizers are busy setting up new staging locations—the neighborhood hubs where volunteers will come together to

  • Step up, help out

    How are you spending your Sunday? Join volunteers all over the country who are knocking on doors and getting out the vote for President

  • Roll up your sleeves

    “If you'll roll up your sleeves, and if you'll work with me, and knock on some doors with me, and make some calls with me, we'll win Sco

  • Gameday

    Watching college football today? The teams on the field aren’t the only ones going head to head on campuses across the country. The Obam

  • Your clipboard

    If you go canvassing this weekend, this could be your clipboard: Pictured: An Obama-Biden sticker for your jacket, a map of the neighbo

  • Tennessee: June Jones

    Right now, we’re in the middle of our get-out-the-vote effort. We promised the President we’d deliver North Carolina for him, so for mon

  • Call voters

    Choose your shift—morning, afternoon, or evening. Or if you've got a few minutes right now, there's no need to wait. The Obama 2012 onli

  • Get out there this weekend

    From state to state, volunteers are out knocking on doors, chatting with voters over the phone, and getting the word out that every vote