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Finding Inspiration

My story of scouting, canvassing, and getting involved.

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  • Here’s what you told us

    We asked OFA supporters about the direction you want to take this organization—and this is what you said.

    Earlier this year, we sent out an extensive survey to ask OFA supporters to assess and improve our programs. Check out some of our key takeaways.

  • Meet President Obama

    The deadline is tonight

    Do you want to have your moment with President Obama? Flight and hotel for you and a guest are on us, but you have to enter before midnight.

  • Want to meet President Obama?

    This could be your chance. Find out how.

    We each have our own reason for getting involved in the fight for progress. Share yours, and you'll be automatically entered to win a trip to Washington, D.C., to meet the President.

  • Obamacare turns five

    Take a moment to celebrate your hard work—and the millions of people who health care reform has helped.

    No more pre-existing conditions. No more lifetime caps. Quality, affordable health care for millions of Americans. What a difference five years can make!

  • We have a "winner"

    After four rounds and more than 200,000 votes cast, we have a Champion Denier in the Climate Change Fantasy Tournament.

    There were plenty of qualified candidates, but in the end, Senator Jim "Snowball" Inhofe won out.

  • Three stories everyone should read

    The latest edition of the Truth Team digest

    Huge strides in renewable energy.

    The geography of the gender gap.

    How Obamacare is cutting health care costs.

    Check out the biggest news stories from the past week—and then share to spread them around.

    No fluff, just facts—that's the Truth Team way.

  • Who's the worst climate change denier in America?

    Introducing the Climate Change Fantasy Tournament.

    The science is clear—climate change is real, and it's already having an impact on communities across the country. But too many of our elected officials still refuse to accept the basic science: Climate change is real and caused by carbon pollution. We've whittled our list of climate change deniers down to the most egregious—and they're going head-to-head in the ultimate Climate Change Fantasy Tournament.

    Cast your vote today for the nation's champion denier.

  • Three stories everyone should read

    The latest edition of the Truth Team digest

    The uninsured rate is down. (Obamacare is working.)

    Jobs are up. (The economy is still improving.)

    Love is love (now in Nebraska, too!)

    Check out some of the shouldn't-miss news stories from the past week—and pass them around.

    No fluff, just facts—that's the Truth Team way.

  • Three stories everyone should read

    The latest edition of the Truth Team digest

    From King v. Burwell to a victory for net neutrality to the President's proposal to protect Americans' retirement savings, here are some of the biggest news stories from the past week that no one should miss.

    No fluff, just facts—that's the Truth Team way.

  • Three stories everyone should read

    The latest edition of the Truth Team digest

    The other side is spreading misinformation about everything from Obamacare to the economy. Arm yourself with the truth and fight back—get started here with some recommended reading that's easy to share.

    No fluff, just facts—that's the Truth Team way.

  • President Obama: Help defend the Affordable Care Act

    11.4 million Americans signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

    Folks like you fought for health care reform, and as a result, we've made undeniable progress in helping a growing number of people every day. But that's not stopping the other side from trying to repeal our efforts—take a stand to defend the Affordable Care Act today.

  • Here come the grooms

    This Valentine’s Day, some couples in Florida have something extra special to celebrate.

    On January 6th, Florida's ban on same-sex marriage ended, allowing Dylan and Nick—after years in a committed and loving relationship—to get married in the company of their family and friends.

    This is their story—and the reason why we're not going to stop fighting for marriage equality until it's the law in all 50 states.

  • President Obama: People want an agenda that moves us all forward

    "As long as there's time on the clock, I'll be doing everything I can."

    Americans are tired of the political back and forth. It's important to stand up for policies that work for everyone.

    During his sixth State of the Union address, President Obama laid out a vision for America that strengthens the middle class and ensures that our economy works for everyone—not just a few.

    Read the message from the President:

  • Play along with Climate Denier Bingo

    During tonight's State of the Union address, see how many of these top climate change deniers you can spot in the audience.

    We’ve put together a game to play during tonight's State of the Union address. Download these #SpotTheDenier bingo cards, and while you watch the President's speech, see if you can pick out some of Congress’ most notorious climate change deniers.

    Download your card here:

  • Tonight: The State of the Union

    President Obama will address the nation with his agenda for 2015.

    Tonight, the President will lay out his priorities for the year ahead -- outlining policies to strengthen the middle class and make sure our recovering economy is working for all Americans.

    But he's not the only one who's been laying out an agenda for the country. The new Congress has been in session for just two weeks, and in that time, Speaker Boehner and Leader McConnell have been busy:

  • For millions of Americans, 2015 just started with good news

    In 20 states, a minimum wage increase just took effect.

    On January 1st, millions of hard-working Americans got a much-deserved raise, when minimum wage increases went into effect in 20 states. And several big cities and the District of Columbia will join them later this year.

    This progress is the result of hard-fought battles. Without the dedicated work of grassroots organizers across the country, we wouldn't be celebrating this news today.