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OFA's message makes headlines

Newspapers across the country show supporters' message to Congress about the shutdown.

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  • The time is now

    October 5th marks 100 days since the Senate passed an immigration reform bill.

    The House of Representatives has been too busy trying to derail Obamacare to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

  • President Obama: Join Team Obamacare

    Watch the President's message to supporters

    To commemorate the historic opening of the new health insurance marketplace, President Obama recorded a message to OFA supporters—many who have worked for years for this moment.

  • Tell Speaker Boehner: Enough Already

    John Boehner is caving to Tea Party Republicans.

    In 2011, John Boehner called a potential government shutdown irresponsible and costly. Now, we are in the midst of a shutdown that is harming our economy—all because the Speaker is letting the Tea Party call the shots.

  • Meet Amara Banks, an OFA Fellow

    A summer fellow keeps up the push for immigration reform.

    Back in school for the fall, Amara could not shake the organizing bug—so she began an OFA club at her school with 74 new members.

  • Team Obamacare in the news

    OFA and Obamacare make headlines.

    OFA volunteers are getting the word out about the new health insurance marketplace, and people are listening.

  • They shut down the government, but they can't shut down Obamacare

    The government shutdown will cost American taxpayers billions and furlough thousands of federal workers—all to make a political point.

    A group of Republicans in the House of Representatives has forced a government shutdown over Obamacare, but a key part of the new health care law went into effect today as planned.

  • One step closer to a government shutdown

    The clock is ticking, but a group of Republicans is still playing games with our economy.

    On Saturday night a group of Republicans in the House of Representatives continued on a path towards a shutdown of the federal government, unless their demand to delay Obamacare by a year is met. Here's what that means.

  • Introducing the OFA Donor Wall

    These people are building this movement, brick by brick.

    Your name can be here—just chip in to help before our critical September 30th fundraising deadline.

  • Letter to the editor: It's time

    Comprehensive immigration reform can't wait any longer. It's time for the House of Representatives to act.

    By writing a short letter to your local newspapers, you can help bring attention to the the House of Representatives' failure to act on immigration reform.

  • More good news on Obamacare

    How good are prices on the new health insurance marketplace? Pretty damn good.

    While Washington is focused on the political games being played by Senator Ted Cruz and a group of Republicans in the House who are willing to sabotage the economy over Obamacare, what is making headlines in the rest of America? The facts.