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Speaking up for Obamacare in local papers

Americans are writing to show their support for the Affordable Care Act.

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  • Who would you thank for climate action this Thanksgiving?

    Join the conversation on Twitter.

    Today OFA and climate activist groups across the country are all taking some time to tweet out some #ClimateThanks to people who deserve it. This is a moment to thank the people who have led or organized the efforts to tackle the threat of climate change.

  • Tonight: Chat about the minimum wage on Facebook

    Together let's take a deeper look at how raising the minimum wage would help women.

    Two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women. That's why tonight we're jumping on Facebook to chat about the history of the minimum wage, what the minimum wage is in different states, and what raising the minimum wage would mean for women.

  • Roll Call: These House members need to lead on immigration reform

    Here are five more members of Congress who need to take action.

    These members of Congress can either stand with the American people or stand in the way. And let’s be clear: There is no gray area. The House's inaction is hurting American families and costing our economy millions every day.

  • Voters stand with women in Albuquerque

    Record turnout gives women's rights a victory.

    Yesterday, Albuquerque voters soundly rejected a measure that would have placed the government squarely between women and their doctors. With early vote totals nearly doubling the number of early votes cast in the mayoral race last month, and some voters waiting up to an hour to vote yesterday, Albuquerque residents sent a message to anyone who doesn't respect women's rights.

  • Writing in support of Obamacare

    Checked the local letters to the editor section lately? You might see stories like these.

    As more and more Americans gain access to affordable care thanks to Obamacare, they're letting people know.

  • #GetTalking to help people #GetCovered

    OFA volunteers train community members on how to spread the word about Obamacare.

    Organizing for Action held a nationwide training day to prepare community members to discuss health care with their loved ones over the holidays. Volunteer hosts organized educational sessions and shared tools and resources to talk about how the Affordable Care Act is working for millions of Americans.

  • We can't afford not to act on immigration reform

    We've lost $5.3 billion ... and counting.

    It has been more than 143 days since the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill, but the House of Representatives has refused to act. Every day the House stalls, the government loses $37 million.

  • How President Obama is fighting for affordable health care for everyone

    It's about making health care accessible for every American.

    President Obama has announced new measures that will smooth the transition to the Affordable Care Act by allowing insurance companies to continue their 2013 health care plans through next year to help Americans receiving insurance cancellation notices.

  • President Obama wants to talk to you

    Jump on a call with the President this Monday.

    The President wants to cut through the noise to talk with you directly about where we're headed in the fight for change. That's why he's getting on the phone with OFA supporters this Monday, November 18th.

  • Congress's first job is to strengthen the economy

    It's time to reach a bipartisan budget agreement that moves this country forward.

    America has now seen 44 consecutive months of private sector job growth, resulting in 7.8 million new jobs. That's serious progress—but there is more work to do. Republicans and Democrats from both houses of Congress are conferencing to hash out a long-term budget. This is an opportunity to move past political antics, stop kicking the can down the road, and get to real governing.

  • The continued attack on women’s rights and health

    Did you see what happened in the Senate last week?

    A group of lawmakers in the Senate took their attacks on women's rights a step further last week when Senator Lindsey Graham introduced an extreme bill that would severely limit women’s ability to access quality reproductive care.

  • We're going public with this list

    It's time for these members of Congress to lead on immigration.

    It's really not complicated: The House could pass comprehensive immigration reform today if it simply held a vote. That's why, starting today, OFA is going public with a list of the lawmakers we believe are the key to getting comprehensive immigration reform passed.

  • OFA volunteers petition to protect our environment

    For the first time ever, we have a chance to limit carbon pollution from our country's biggest polluters.

    The Environmental Protection Agency is taking a big step forward in preventing carbon pollution—and OFA volunteers are there building support in the fight against climate change.