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News Entries in volunteers

  • The Weekly Wrap-Up

    Starting today, we'll be rounding up some of the week's best blog posts every Saturday. Welcome to the inaugural Weekly Wrap-Up! In case

  • The Week in Pictures

    Monday, April 18th 2011 Supporters declare "I'm In" at a strategy session in Lake County, Florida. Tuesday, April 19th 2011 The crowd c

  • OFA VA 0422211

    Our Chesapeake Community Organizer had a 1-on-1 w/ Michael. He's in for #Obama2012: “because of my 4 grandkids.”

  • Jeremy Bird 042111

    .@OFA_WA's Jeremy W rocked 8 1-on-1 meetings yesterday. He's also building incredible local neighborhood teams #obama2012

  • OFA_NY 042011

    2012 starts here. Find out how the NY team is helping us build this campaign in their community. #Obama2012

  • Jeremy Bird 041911

    @OFA_MO's CO Sarah S. on her wknd: "My team & I almst don't have enough hrs in our schedules 2 do all the 1:1s being requested" #obama20

  • Show Us That You’re In

    You’ve signed up to say “I’m In.” You’ve put you’re name down to volunteer. You’ve bought the newest T-shirt to be the envy of your frie

  • Get In With Facebook

    There are so many ways for people to say, “I’m In”, we wanted to make sure you had seen our Facebook app that lets you invite your frien

  • OFA_PA 041411

    The Easton neighborhood team is In. Is your team In? #Obama2012

  • Photo of the Day--April 11th

    Lynda from Louisiana: “I’m in because I want this country to keep moving forward, because I believe in Barack Obama. I trust him as a le

  • Zack’s In For Education

    We’ve been asking folks across the country why they are in. Zack, from Iowa, says: “I was never out but, I’m in because I care about the

  • Quote of the Day—April 10th

    Rose, from Nevada: “I’m very happy about our President running again. We have a big job ahead—let’s keep hope alive” Rose is in—are you?