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  • Interview: Meet OFA Fellow Sara M. in Tennessee

    "Now I'm part of something much bigger than myself."

    Sara M. is a Middle Tennessee State University student and OFA organizing fellow with a flair for writing. When she’s not working on her personal writing projects, Sara can be found putting her communication skills to work organizing her adopted town of Murfreesboro to take action on issues like women's rights and health reform.

  • This is some sick crap

    Do you ever get the sense that some of the folks on the other side are living in an alternate universe?

    If I had one thing to say to the Koch brothers, it'd be: "SCOREBOARD!"

    Despite the millions of dollars they've spent, more than 6 million Americans have already signed up for private plans through the health insurance marketplace. We're beating them through one-on-one conversations, helping people get the facts about getting covered, and dismantling the lies these groups are spreading about health care reform.

  • Sam and Rebecca are young, in love, and covered

    Before Obamacare, these college sweethearts had trouble finding health plans on the individual market.

    These business risk-takers didn't want health insurance tying them to their conventional jobs. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, they're free to pursue their own dreams.

  • OFA won't let lawmakers ignore the cost of their inaction

    Volunteers nationwide are keeping up the drumbeat and making their voices heard on immigration reform.

    The cost of the House of Representatives' inaction on immigration reform is now up to $10 billion, but the drumbeat for reform is growing louder and louder. OFA volunteers are mobilizing on the ground, over the airwaves, and in packed auditoriums from coast to coast for reform.

  • Change doesn't happen on accident... takes each of us who believe in it doing our part to fight for it.

    Some people who watch politics just assume that inaction is business as usual, that the status quo is pretty much always going to be the status quo. OFA is the group of people proving them wrong.

  • How I finally got health coverage that fits my needs

    The irony of working in the health care field and not being able to afford health care was pretty intense. But now I finally feel like I can go to the doctor.

    Accidents happen to everyone. There is no harm in just checking your options­–you might find the coverage that fits you and save money while you're at it.

  • You're the best person for this job

    Help make sure your friends and family have health insurance.

    The reality is that too many people still don't know why it's so important to get covered, or what benefits they'd see from it. That's why we put together some tips and facts to guide you.

  • If you're prone to bad luck...

    Look, a lucky rabbit's foot just isn't going to cut it.

    When bad luck strikes—whether it's a sprained ankle or a touch of the bubonic plague—it pays to have health insurance.

  • Have you ever ridden a cheetah?

    John Cho teams up with OFA to encourage young Americans to get covered before the March 31st enrollment deadline.

    “You’re just doing the stupidest stuff in your early twenties," Cho says, “So be covered. Go forward confidently.”

  • It's crunch time

    There are 10 days left to get Americans covered for 2014.

    "If you care about health care reform, or if you ever fought for it, this is crunch time." —President Obama

  • Meet the Dream Team for immigration reform

    This is the next phase of OFA's strategy on immigration reform.

    The House is doing nothing productive on immigration reform. But thanks to OFA's amazing volunteers, the rest of the country is a different story.