A gender gap in leadership still persists in this country. Women make up only 14 percent of Fortune 500-company CEOs – and nearly a quarter of these companies have no women at all in executive office positions.

OFA works to promote women’s leadership by organizing around economic equity issues and by equipping women with the skills and resources they need to be strong, effective leaders in their workplaces and communities.

Join the Women's Leadership Corps

The Women's Leadership Corps is a community of committed OFA supporters who are the driving force behind the Stand with Women Campaign. WLC members are responsible for growing the network of supporters who are taking action on the issues that impact women's lives. WLC members will be able to connect with one another across the country to build a support system and foster a community of women leaders.

OFA will provide skills training and equip WLC members with the knowledge to bring the issues of women's health, economic security, and leadership to the forefront of the conversations in communities across the country. Our goal is to prepare each WLC member to be the local spokesperson on the issues that impact women in their communities.

Along with other OFA supporters, the Women's Leadership Corps organizes to ensure our elected leaders recognize the importance of these issues.

Thank you for your interest in the Women's Leadership Corps.

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis and we will be in touch soon.

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