The new health care law provides even greater access to quality, affordable care for women and their families.

But at the same time, the most extreme voices in Washington and in statehouses across the country are trying to limit women's access to health care. We're working to make sure all women have access to the care they need and the right to control their own health.

Stand with affordable health care

Being a woman is not a preexisting condition, and thanks to Obamacare, women will no longer be charged more than men for health insurance just because they're women. The new law also strengthens women’s access to care and provides free preventive care—including mammograms, contraception, osteoporosis screenings and annual checkups.

OFA volunteers are organizing in their communities to make sure everyone has the facts on how Obamacare works for them.

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Stand with protecting health choices

During the 2013 state legislative sessions, 17 states passed measures limiting women’s access to reproductive health choices, and more than 300 restrictions to reproductive choices were introduced by lawmakers across the country. In June, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a far-reaching bill that would curb women’s reproductive rights nationwide. OFA volunteers are standing up to protect access to care, and fighting back against anyone who tries to roll back women’s rights.

Stand with women

Standing for women means supporting the fight for women’s rights wherever it takes place. In June, OFA supporters in Texas joined thousands of members of their community to stand up against efforts to restrict access to women’s health.

Together, they changed the conversation by raising their voices to defend women’s reproductive rights, bringing an important issue to the forefront of our national conversation.