Health care choices are personal, and everyone should have access to affordable, quality care. We're working to make sure all women have access to the care they need.


The Affordable Care Act provides greater access to quality, affordable care for women and their families. Women can no longer be charged more than men for health insurance just because they're women. Health care reform also strengthened women's access to care and provides no-cost preventive care—including mammograms, contraception, osteoporosis screenings, and annual checkups.

However, there are lawmakers who are trying to take away those new benefits and protections by repealing the Affordable Care Act. We can't go back to a broken health care system. OFA volunteers are making sure everybody knows how Obamacare is helping millions of people, and that's why it's here to stay.

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The fight to protect women's access to reproductive health care continues. In 2013 alone, more than 300 restrictions to women's reproductive health care were introduced by lawmakers across the country, and 24 states passed 53 measures designed to curb women's reproductive choices. In January 2014, some members of the U.S. House of Representatives actually voted to take away health coverage choices for millions of women and families and severely restrict women's access to comprehensive reproductive care.

Supporters of women's rights are standing up to protect access to reproductive health care and fight back against anyone who tries to roll back the right for a women to make her own health care decisions.

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