We’re organizing around the issues that matter to women and working families so that they can achieve the economic equality and security that all Americans deserve.


Women deserve equal pay for equal work. It’s that simple. When women are paid less than men, it hurts our families and it hurts our economy. Women working full time make an average of just 77 cents for every dollar that men earn. If things don’t change, we are holding our families back and compromising our children’s chances at success.

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Almost two-thirds of workers making minimum wage or less are women. Anyone who works full time making the federal minimum wage earns just $14,500 a year—that’s below the poverty line for a family of four. That's not right.

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Current workplace policies too often don’t reflect today’s reality. Only 51% of women have access to paid leave after having their first child and about 40% of private-sector employees work at a company that does not offer them sick pay to take care of an illness or injury. The lack of access to different forms of paid leave as well as to high-quality, affordable childcare options threatens the economic security of women and working families.

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