No matter who you are, thanks to Obamacare you now have more access to affordable coverage, better benefits, and lower costs.

This is why

On January 1st, 2014, millions of Americans will have the security that comes with health care coverage -- many for the first time. OFA asked people across the country to tell their stories about what health reform means to them. Watch this powerful reminder of why so many fought for the Affordable Care Act -- and pass it on.

This is why health care reform matters: Renee's story

Health care reform matters for Renee -- a mother of three who was blindsided by cancer. Renee was rejected from her husband's health insurance because of a pre-existing condition and learned her state health insurance plan had a yearly limit that could be reached in just one hospital stay. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Renee will have the peace of mind of knowing she will no longer be denied coverage or face lifetime limits on her care. This is why health care reform matters.

This is why health care reform matters: Amy's story

Health care reform matters for Amy -- a healthy 27-year-old who was born with a heart condition. Despite exercising and keeping active, Amy was denied health insurance coverage because of her pre-existing condition. Not having coverage terrified Amy -- she was afraid she'd twist her ankle running or, worse, not be able to see her cardiologist. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Amy was able to find a plan through the marketplace and will never be denied coverage again because of her pre-existing condition. This is why health care reform matters.

Get ready to have the talk

This holiday season, be ready to talk to your loved ones about getting covered. These conversations don't have to be tough -- OFA can help. Check out to learn more.

President Obama: The Affordable Care Act is More than a Website

President Obama recorded a personal message for OFA supporters about Obamacare, the new online health insurance marketplace, and why he needs your support even more over the next five months.

Talking Obamacare with David Plouffe

David Plouffe, 2008 Obama campaign manager and former senior advisor to the President, recorded a special message for OFA on our role in the fight to implement and defend health care reform.

OFA Truth Team: A message from Stephanie Cutter

More than 100 million people have been helped so far by Obamacare—so why are opponents spending $400 million to mislead Americans about it? It's time to tell the real story of Obamacare—join the OFA Truth Team to help.

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Obamacare is making health care work better for all of us, even if you already have insurance. It puts the health of your family first—ensuring access to free preventive care and protecting consumers from insurance company abuses.

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