The Affordable Care Act puts your health and the health of your family first, with improved coverage, more choices, new protections, and real security.

How far we've come

Health care reform changed the course of history in this country—it has been a goal for presidents and progressive leaders since the days of Teddy Roosevelt. And today, finally, no American can be discriminated against because of a pre-existing condition. The days of lifetime caps on your coverage are gone. Now, millions more Americans have health insurance and the peace of mind that comes with it. That's huge.

But there are still folks on the other side trying to stop the progress made and fighting to take us back to the days when insurance companies called all the shots and Americans had fewer basic protections. That's why we still need to stand up and make our voices heard about why health care reform matters.

Why Health Care Reform Matters

We fought hard for health care reform, and now thanks to the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans have access to affordable, quality coverage—many for the first time.

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What we're fighting for

Medicaid Expansion

The Affordable Care Act expands Medicaid for millions of Americans to help make sure everyone has access to good, affordable health care. But, because some state leaders are playing political games and refusing to expand Medicaid, millions of Americans are being left behind. Fight back »

Health Care Repealers

Millions of Americans can now rely on quality, affordable health care thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Repealing the law would mean pulling the rug out from under them—but that is exactly what some lawmakers and outside groups are still fighting to do. Learn more »

How You Can Help

There's always more we can do to ensure that all Americans have the peace of mind that comes with access to affordable, quality health insurance. Here are some ways you can help:


There have been more than 50 attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Join the team fighting back with the facts.

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