• Why I volunteer

    A volunteer sent us this letter after she met President Obama on the tarmac of Air Force One:

    LouAnn and Barack

    July 25, 2012: the morning after I thanked President Obama for “having my back” when he passed the Affordable Care Act, I awoke to find my picture in The Seattle Times.

    And not just any picture. There I stood, the “supporter,” speaking with President Obama on the tarmac of Boeing Field. It was an amazing experience -- one I will never forget.

    I told the President I was a Neighborhood Team Leader for his grassroots campaign and that my team and I “have your back.”

    Never before have I been so passionately motivated to donate countless hours of my time to guarantee that other hard-working middle -class Americans like myself will have health coverage thanks to President Obama.

    When I started my own business in the early 2000s, I left a public school teaching job, and found myself shopping for health insurance coverage in the private market. . I was shocked by the inaccessibility of affordable and reliable private health insurance. I had never considered the struggle millions of Americans face every day - a struggle I then faced: how would I pay for health care if a major illness befell me?

    In 2003, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Still self-employed without adequate health insurance, I scrambled to find a way to pay for my ballooning medical bills. Luckily, I had retirement money set aside I could use.

    The Affordable Care Act helps every American, reducing the damage of such devastating diseases by revoking the insurers’ ability to deny you coverage because of a pre-existing condition, or canceling coverage when a person gets sick because they’ve reached a lifetime coverage limit.

    Mitt Romney has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and I can’t afford to have him elected President. After being diagnosed a second time with breast cancer, I risk being dropped from my health insurance because of my pre-existing condition, or meeting the lifetime limit of my policy.

    President Obama believes healthcare is essential. That’s why I am working hard with the many incredible volunteers to make certain that we keep moving forward, and that’s why I have this President’s back.

    I hope you too will be inspired to volunteer. I hope you too will find your voice and share your story. And I hope I’ll see you out there, knocking on doors with me.