• Your Time Is Valuable to Us: Clark County OFA Update


    GOTV Week One was a record breaking success for Clark County. Thousands of phone calls were made during weekly phone banks and volunteers were able reach out to hundreds of voters. In all this, both veterans and new recruits worked together seamlessly.

    To show everyone how much their efforts are appreciated, staffers have instituted a recognition system at Fourth Plain Center headquarters. At the end of a phone bank, volunteers write their names on a toy dollar bill. The stack of play cash is stapled together with a final tally count, and pinned to a designated wall. It’s called “Your Time Is Valuable to Us.”

    “We are building a sense of success, achievement, and teamwork through this process,” Phone Bank Captain Karen Hengerer said.

    Just north in Longview, Field Officer Andrew Nelson reports two new core volunteers have joined the team. A Canvassing Captain and Data Captain have been confirmed. They are working on establishing a headquarters office.

    Want to get involved in Clark County or a region near you? Click here and sign up for a GOTV event.