• Volunteering for our President

    As we near the end of the first day of GOTV, we want to take a moment to thank some of our incredible volunteers who have made this campaign the success that it is.


    A full time volunteer, Terry makes calls, canvasses, and acts as receptionist for the OFA office in Vancouver. The retired health care manager has been volunteering for campaigns her entire life, and is all in this election season.

    “I like to wake up the morning after an election and know I did everything I could,” she said of her volunteerism. “Everyone’s got to do what they can do.”

    Terry saw Obama speak at a book signing in 2006, and said she knew then he would someday be president.

    “I am an American Muslim, and I feel we need leaders who value diversity. He was one of those leaders. He gave me hope,” she said.

    If you, too, have found new hope with President Obama, then join us tomorrow for a canvass in your area.