• Volunteer Spotlight - Jean L

    Jean Leed

    The phone rings: once, then twice as Capitol Hill canvassing captain, Jean, walks across the patio to answer the call. Another volunteer on the line, RSVPing for tomorrow’s canvass.

    “It’s unquestionably the most effective way to change people’s minds; to come across with sincerity, conviction and a willingness to engage in dialogue,” Jean, who has been serving as canvassing captain since shortly after she joined the campaign, said.

    And besides, “It’s fun to knock on the door of somebody I know,” Jean said. “[I] use it as an opportunity to recruit more volunteers.”

    Jean’s can-do attitude comes, in part, from her extensive organizing experience - “I’ve been an organizer all my life,” she said. But mostly it comes from her desire to change the world, one doorbell at a time.

    “It’s not about me,” Jean said. “It’s about my grandkids. You know, I want to make a good world for them; leave a good world for them through my political efforts. That’s it.

    “There’s a role for everybody in this campaign: the key ... is to find the niche that works best for you.”

    If you have yet to join Jean in her quest to change the world, making it better for grandkids everywhere, click here, and find an event in your area.