• Supporter spotlight: Meet Chris P.

    Chris Porter

    National delegate to Charlotte, Chris P. fondly recalls his experience at the 2008 convention and President Obama’s record on LGBT equality.

    Walking onto the floor of the Democratic Convention in 2008 was an experience unique unto itself for Chris, a former and current delegate to the national convention.

    “I remember stepping on the floor the first day and it was just like just like this Hollywood show,” Chris said. “I just remember this rush of euphoria and glitter and balloons and all of these people hugging and crying. I remember thinking: this is that moment in history people often remember being a part of.”

    For attendees at this year’s convention, they too will have an opportunity to make history when they once-again name President Obama the Democratic Party nominee. Convention-goers will reaffirm the values of equality and tolerance the President has so vocally espoused through his support of marriage equality and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

    “If I look back on what’s happened, it’s more than any of us could have ever hoped for,” Chris said of the president’s recent support of marriage equality.

    President Obama has not only shown his strong support on this issue, but on a wide-range of issues through signing the Matthew Sheppard Act, where he addressed the issue of anti-gay bullying; the Lily-Ledbetter Act, where he worked to end payment discrimination in the workplace; and the Affordable Care Act, where he expanded insurance coverage to millions of Americans.

    Nevertheless, the President’s announcement of his support for marriage equality was “another one of those moments in history where we get to see ourselves move closer to that [ideal picture of America] over there.”

    Check back periodically to follow Chris and the other national delegates as we tell the story of their experience at this year’s convention through words and pictures. And to find out how else the President has shown his commitment to the LGBT community, click here.