• Super Sweet Support - Jody H

    Jody Hall

    Cupcake Royale owner and founder Jody Hall has long supported President Obama. In 2008, after hosting her very own Democratic Cupcake Primary, where she encouraged customers to buy either Obama or Hillary cupcakes, Jody threw her full support behind the soon-to-be President. And then, after he was inaugurated, she became a fierce champion for the Affordable Care Act.

    “I don’t know why anyone would start a small business without this healthcare reform. ... The Affordable Care Act: it’s what we need to create some level of sustainability.”

    Already, the Affordable Care Act has helped millions gain access to healthcare. It’s stabilized the cost of health insurance for small businesses and helped American businesses stay competitive by creating health insurance exchanges for individual health insurance policies and tax incentives for small businesses that provide coverage.

    “When things like paid sick leave [or the Affordable Care Act] happens, everyone’s engaged and all ships rise. It’s not like I have to take paid sick leave and my competitor doesn’t have to. We all have to, and I think that makes us all better.”

    But the Affordable Care Act is not the only reason Jody supports the President. Through the Recovery Act Jody was able to nearly double her business earnings, opening new bakeries around Seattle and creating over a dozen jobs in the process - jobs that, because of the Affordable Care Act, provide health insurance.

    “As a business owner, my most important assets are the people who work at Cupcake Royale. Our customers will take care of our business if we take care of our people. As a country -- I just can’t imagine running it without that same ethos in mind.”

    Join Jody and President Obama in their fight to grow our economy from the middle out by creating good jobs and providing affordable, high quality healthcare for all Americans. Volunteer today.