• Photo of the Day - Bellevue College

    Bellevue College

    Students volunteers at Bellevue College work to reelect President Obama at one of their weekly phone banks. Whether through doubling the federal funding for Pell grants, preventing student loan interest rates from skyrocketing, or expanding health coverage to millions of young Americans, President Obama has shown his commitment to the youth of this nation time and again. For these young Americans and the thousands like them, volunteering for the President's reelection is an opportunity to give thanks and to ensure the right man is elected to the job this November.

    There is more at stake this election than simply the office of the presidency. Governor Romney wants to take us back, making it harder for students to pursue higher education. President Obama has a plan to take us forward. He believes in investing in our youth to create a better future for our country.

    To find out more about how the President has impacted youth, check out our issues page or volunteer today .