• Live From the Front Lines


    When canvassers went out across the state this morning, they knew why they were getting out the vote: because reelecting Barack Obama is the most significant thing we can do in this election if we are to preserve healthcare, social advancements, and our economy.

    It is the most significant thing we can do if we are to keep our country on the road to recovery.

    Stephan knew that, too.

    “Barack Obama is the man we need leading our country. Not only did he work to fulfill his campaign promises in 2008, but once in office he put us on the road to recovery, and now we’ve come too far to turn back now. Barack Obama is the man for me, and for our country. I’m honored to be a part of his reelection.”

    Let’s give Barack Obama four more years! Turn in your ballot and join us in the last push to remind people to return their ballots!