• Inspiration


    As the Digital Director of the Washington State Democrats, I haven't had as much of a chance to meet volunteers and supporters as other contributors to this blog. But I count any time I had the opportunity to meet and get to know volunteers as among the best experiences I've had. There were many times I've been moved and close to tears hearing the stories of volunteers and what moved them to get involved. I've heard the conviction in their voice and about how they come in every day like a full time job. Every time I've spoken with them, I've been inspired, and it's given me an extra jolt of motivation.

    Every time I’ve spoken with them, it’s hit home for me why I’m working for the Democratic Party, and what it all means. We stand for the people, for America, and for our futures.

    Families and communities have grown in each field office, such is the power of our campaign.

    I’m going to miss working with my digital family, who believe that every supporter has a story worth telling. Thank you, Austin, Maureen, and Rita.

    If you are reading this, thank you. Polls close in one hour.

    Let’s keep up the work. Let’s win this.

    Let’s finish what we started.