• In Service to our Country - Ozzie and Josephine

    Ozzie and Josephine know about service to our country. Ozzie served in the Air Force for 26 years, and his wife Josephine and their family has been with him ever step of the way, settling wherever Ozzie was stationed. Continuing the family tradition of dedication, Josephine and granddaughter Sahara volunteer phone banking.

    “I like Obama,” said Ozzie, “He’s straight with people. He’s intelligent and speaks for the people.”

    “With what he’s had to deal with, he’s done miracles,” said Josephine of Pres. Obama’s first term.

    One of the reasons Ozzie and Josephine are proud of our country is its higher education system. Ozzie was a lifelong student, starting his college education at Tuskegee Institute as a young man, and finishing it years later in Nebraska utilizing a government program called “Bootstraps,” which enabled servicemen to get their degree.

    “I did it for me,” Ozzie said of his bachelor’s degree.

    “He chipped away at it for years and years,” Josephine added.

    Ozzie’s thirst for knowledge inspired him to take college classes in every town they lived in, for forty years. All three of their children graduated from college. They feel Pres. Obama has done well improving student loans. Sahara said the income based repayment plans implemented by this administration to help people coming out of college is a great thing.

    Josephine feels elderly veterans are an important source of information and wisdom. Having viewed history from the front seat, these men and women have much to share.

    “Veterans like him are historical figures, and should be studied. People who forget their history are condemned to repeat it,” said Josephine.

    Despite health issues, Josephine makes calls on behalf of our president, because she represents her family’s strong belief that self-improvement through education is part of the American Dream, and a promise to the next generation.

    “He’s got to get back in there,” said Josephine of Pres. Obama’s office, reflecting the sense of urgency felt by many.

    Haven’t gotten involved yet? There’s still time. Find an event near you, and volunteer today.