• I'm In

    In for O 2

    In 2008 I watched history unfold as Barack Obama became the first African American elected President. And over these past four years I’ve seen a man committed to the American people, to students, and to Washingtonians.

    I have seen President Obama stand up for students by making college more affordable for students, and bringing about real health reform. He’s worked to strengthen our country at every turn, putting us on the path to recovery and making sure we stay committed to our values.

    He’s been a president we can be proud of, a president I am proud of every day.

    And so, today I am casting my vote for Barack Obama.

    And with just a few hours left, Washingtonians around the state are doing the same.

    Make a commitment and vote today. Let’s keep a president who has our values in the oval office. Let’s reelect Barack Obama.

    Join your neighbors in knocking on doors of voters that haven’t mailed their ballots in. Every vote counts and it’s important they return their ballot.