• I Want You(th) To Vote

    Meet Emily

    The deadline to register for the primaries may have passed, but there’s still months to register to vote in November. Millions of young Americans like myself will find themselves eligible to vote for the first time, and ensuring you are registered at the proper address will mean the difference between having a say in your future, and staying on the sidelines.

    “It’s important for youth to register to vote because when you vote - when you actually physically do something that will impact your community, it’s empowering. And when you can empower such a large group of young people at such a young age, it will inspire them to continue getting involved,” youth vote director, Emily K., said.

    We have the unique opportunity to add our voice to the fray and help reelect a President who has done more to advance social equality than any other President in our lifetime.

    Not only that, but President Obama has worked tirelessly to ensure we have an opportunity at achieving the American Dream by lowering student loan interest rates and allowing us to stay on our parents health insurance until the age of 26.

    “From the healthcare reform to student loans to different equality issues that he’s addressed, he’s definitely a strong role model for young people,” Emily said.

    President Obama has worked for our betterment. Now is the perfect time to get involved in the electoral process by registering to vote and joining a neighborhood team in your area.

    This weekend, young democrats at the University of Washington will launch the UW Campus Team to begin organizing for the fall. All interested are invited to attend. Click here to reserve your spot today.