• Barack Obama has moved our country forward

    Ben P

    2008 was the first election in which I could vote. I wanted a President that inspired me, that made me excited to be a part of a unified country coming together to achieve common goals. I wanted my entrance into the political arena to be for a President that would do great things, make big changes. That man was Barack Obama, and I was proud to vote for him.

    His first term saw the rescue of a collapsing auto industry, the passage of historic Health Care reform, the responsible and steady handling of our conflicts overseas, and a truly admirable march toward equality and opportunity for all Americans. The President's first term saw big accomplishments despite greater attempts at partisanship and obstruction from the other side. His first term saw the "Hope" and "Change" of the 2008 campaign become real change that created real hope for me and for a generation of Americans looking to the President to restore the promise and the greatness of this country.

    In 2012, I want a President who knows how to get things done. A President who has worked hard and is undeterred by the obstacles in the way. Who will stand up for the America I believe in - one of collective responsibilities not every-man-for-himself. I want a President who will keep pushing forward even when the path is hard, who will never stop working to make our lives better. That man is Barack Obama and I am proud to vote for him again.

    2008 was the beginning of an exciting time for America, and in 2012 we must stand behind Barack Obama as we move forward and continue our work together.

    We have 30 days until ballots drop and many have the opportunity to vote for the first time.

    So every day over the next month, we’ll hear from my peers, from students and from educators, from supporters and volunteers. We’ll hear how President Obama has impacted each of our lives and we’ll spread the word to get out the vote and create the greatest grassroots team this country has ever seen.

    Join me - join us -- and help reelect our President.