• A Sign of Support from LGBT Activists


    Community organizers and founders of the first LGBT support group in the Monroe area, Holly and Nef have made it their mission to reelect the President and thank him for his support of LGBT equality. Upon hearing the President express his support for marriage equality in early May, the two women made the decision to pull their kids out of school and head to the Paramount to thank him personally. They brought with them a flag, a sign, and boundless enthusiasm.

    "He's taken this very important subject from just a table-top discussion inside people's homes and brought it to the national scale," Holly said.

    "It's a stamp of approval that can be seen around the world," her partner, Nef, added.

    But although the President’s announcement of support for marriage equality was the catalyst to their heading into Seattle that day, it was by no means the only thing they wanted to thank Obama for.

    I have several friends in the military that are now able to actually hold hands when they go to dinner,” Holly said, referring to the President’s repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in late 2011. “That’s really nice. To have that kind of freedom is something that brings the United States to the global stage in a way that’s more aligned with us as a world leader.”

    The President's actions, Nef said, were inspirational.

    "It's not teaching hate; it's teaching acceptance, and we can use more of that."

    For these women, change is not something that comes without a fight. Last year, the two helped to organize a large letter-writing campaign to their local newspaper in response to an anti-gay ad the paper ran. It led to the editor issuing the first apology in the history of the paper and a formal retraction. For them, the 2012 campaign is just one more opportunity to fight the good fight.

    “Pick the topic,” Holly said. “Have the discussion. Don’t be afraid to have the discussions. We are not a nation built on fear, and now is the time to stand up and have the discussions that matter, share our opinions, come together to create change – whatever it is. To do it together is really the difference.”

    Obama has and will continue to move us forward in this country in a way no other candidate can.

    And maybe for that reason alone, we need to see him re-elected.

    Get involved today by signing up to volunteer with a local neighborhood team and have the discussion with your fellow neighbors about why President Obama deserves another term. Click HERE to get started.

    Planning to be in Seattle this weekend? Then join us for an exciting string of voter registration activities both Saturday at the Capitol Hill Pride Festival (HERE) and Sunday at the Seattle Pride Parade (HERE). This is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation of the President’s support of marriage equality and to register voters for this critical election season.

    In the words of a volunteer organizer:

    "People should come join us for pride because, for one thing, registering voters is not only a good way to support the campaign; it’s also a good way to re-enfranchise voters and send a strong message that we care about them. It’s also a great chance to work with a campaign for the first president to openly support marriage equality and a campaign that clearly cares about all Americans, regardless of race, creed, orientation – anything."

    If you support the President in his decision to support marriage equality, consider joining us this weekend, and march alongside other supporters, including Senator Maria Cantwell and the OFA field staff.

    Reserve your spot today.