• A Ray of Light - On Volunteering for the Obama Campaign

    Ray B Canvass Captain

    Renton’s Ray B first heard about President Barack Obama way back in 1999.

    “I heard that this young guy was pretty intelligent,” Ray said.

    Fast-forward to 2012 and Ray is still excited about President Obama, volunteering his time as Renton’s Canvass Captain to ensure voters get out the vote this November.

    “I believe in President Obama's plan," Ray said.

    Bell is eager to learn the Canvassing Captain ropes given his previous experiences as an Obama volunteer: "Every place I've gone people have been very respectful. I've knocked on several doors and people have been very nice to me."


    Ray believes in President Obama and admires all he has gotten done:

    "I like everything about his platform. I liked how he talked about the middle class," Ray said.

    You can learn more about Ray’s team in Renton by joining Dashboard, here.