• This Sunday Vote for Organizing


    This weekend there are 53 district-level caucuses taking place across the state. Some of our top volunteers are running to become delegates to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte in September.

    Each congressional district (CD) is holding a caucus this Sunday to decide the 365 delegates that will represent California this Fall. The caucuses are this Sunday at 2pm. We need your help to ensure that the California delegation is filled with supporters that are committed to volunteering on neighborhood teams to help re-elect President Obama.

    Organizing for America California is endorsing the following candidates to become members of California’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention. They have proven their commitment the President and are working tirelessly to ensure he wins in November.

    Our endorsement isn’t enough. We need you to go out and caucus on Sunday for these fantastic volunteers. The only thing standing between them and the convention in Charlotte is winning on Saturday. If you live in any of the following districts, and are registered as a Democrat, please join us and caucus for these outstanding Organizing for America volunteers.

    Find out who is running in your district and where to vote here.

    See you on Sunday!

    CD 1
    Marcia Toruno, Kimberly Durso, and Erika Romo
    CD 2
    Jan O'Brien and Patti Ravitz
    CD 4
    Maria Henry
    CD 5
    Donald Hill and Alan Swislow
    CD 6
    Margaret Mack
    CD 7
    Robert Longer
    CD 8
    Odessia Lee
    CD 11
    Susan Hamill
    CD 12
    Susan Pfeifer
    CD 13
    Jacqueline Collins and Amy McGonagle
    CD 14
    Basem Manneh
    CD 15
    Joan Johnson
    CD 17
    Bridgette Hendricks
    CD 18
    Gregory Loew and Sandra Lehman
    CD 19
    Robert Lewis and Forrest Williams
    CD 25
    Sherryan Lima and Addison Peterson
    CD 26
    Charlesetta Smith
    CD 27
    Sandra Hester
    CD 28
    Caitlin Gallogly
    CD 30
    Kathleen Keithley and Delmont Neal
    CD 32
    Cheryl Johnson
    CD 33
    Timolin Burke and Deidre Lightfoot
    CD 36
    Donna Shepherd
    CD 37
    Joni Burns, Sandra Cook, Hope Agular, Daphne Bradford, and Kevin Brown
    CD 41
    Jean Colyer
    CD 42
    Michele Campbell, Nancy Gray, and Mary Bayer
    CD 43
    Doris Blaker
    CD 45
    Thomas Phifer
    CD 47
    Christopher Duvali
    CD 52
    Maryanne Lacey