• Summer organizer Hope decides to continue working for President Obama as a Fall Fellow

    2011 Fall Fellow Hope Busto-Keyes

    Meet Hope Busto-Keyes. Hope is an amazing organizer who helped us organize Maui as a Summer Organizing. She will be returning this fall as a Fall Fellow to continue the great work she has done in Maui. Hope shared some thoughts about continuing her involvement with the campaign:

    My parents were immigrants from the Philippines and Mexico. My father journeyed across the Pacific Ocean from the Philippines to work in America. My mother was brought to this country as a child by parents seeking peace from a place of conflict. These are the roots of my American family.
    The promise of America; opportunity, peace and other unimaginable freedoms is what brought my parents to America. Those same promises make up my American dream and I believe President Obama strives to keep that dream alive for every American.
    While it is exciting to be part of another historical campaign, it is also a privilege to be a part of the great American democratic process as a Fall Fellow in Maui, in the great state of Hawaii.

    If you would like to get involved this fall, sign-up for an upcoming event at HI.BarackObama.com Follow us at @OFA_HI and Facebook.com/OFA.HI