• South Tacoma kicks off our state’s Grassroots Planning Sessions

    We kicked off our first Grassroots Planning Session this week with a great event in South Tacoma on Tuesday night. Our fantastic volunteers showed up to talk about what we are doing on the campaign and what we in Tacoma need to do to get ready to win next year. We then broke into smaller groups to plan out our work this summer and we each made commitments to be involved in the campaign.

    Here’s a snapshot of our group with the reasons each of us is “IN” for 2012:

    Tacoma I'm IN

    Some of the ideas we generated in this meeting included reaching out to local businesses for meeting locations, reaching out to the Native American Tribes in the area and engaging our LGBT community!

    Here’s what Jane from University Place said after the meeting:

    “I really enjoyed being here tonight. It’s all about building the grassroots and that’s why I’m committing to doing 1-on-1’s with Bonnie and Linda here tonight!”

    You can be involved with our campaign like Jane is. Your input will shape our roadmap to victory, since it’s going to take meetings all over our state to spread the word about this campaign and our movement. At our Grassroots Planning Sessions we’re discussing the best way to build for 2012 at the local level. This is where the planning starts, and we want you to be at that table.

    To find the one nearest you, click here