• Service Is What It’s All About

    Setting up the sound system at a GOTV bus tour event, Organizing for America volunteer Brenda B. carefully checks to make sure supporters will hear the speakers clearly. She's happy volunteer and put her skills as an audio-visual director to good use.

    “I’m a born and raised Democrat,” Brenda said, and pointed out an antique donkey pin on her shirt. “My grandmother collected pins from the Democratic party. Wearing this reminds me of her.”

    Brenda's grandmother was an active member of the party for many years, and taught Brenda about the importance of participating. Carrying on the family tradition of volunteerism, Brenda also canvasses with her son and hopes to help out at other events.

    “To me, this is a no-brainer. From my perspective, President Obama is in it for public service. Reciprocating service is what it’s all about this election season. Voting and volunteering to continue the promise of democracy one generation to the next.”

    Join Brenda and pitch in where you can.