• Recapping GOTV Weekend One - Success in Bellingham


    Located on the fifth floor of a historic downtown building, the Bellingham OFA office may seem modest, but it’s a powerhouse of volunteerism. Last week alone, 14,000 calls were made, and volunteers were sent canvassing to thousands of homes. Field Organizer Colleen estimates over one hundred volunteers show up weekly, making these successes possible.

    “I empower people to take leadership roles, and then hold them responsible,” Colleen explained when asked about the secret of her office’s success. “I delegate, meet people, and am clear about expectations.”

    As a cancer survivor, Colleen is adamant the Affordable Care Act is preserved by a second term for President Obama.

    Though only in her twenties, Colleen has a serious pre-existing condition that could have made it difficult or impossible for her to get health insurance after college. Now she is able to stay on her parent’s insurance, and cannot be discriminated against when purchasing her own policy.

    The turf Colleen covers from the Bellingham office is vast, including Whatcom, Skagit, and San Juan counties. Volunteers drive tremendous distances to knock on doors, showing their determination and dedication every mile of the trip.

    This late in the campaign season, everyone is digging deep to help our president get reelected. Each individual has his/her own reason to help. New volunteers are still needed and much appreciated.

    If you have any time over the next two weeks, take a moment, make some phone calls, knock on a few doors, and help us win this election.