• Once more, with feeling…Yes, We’re In!

    Over the weekend of June 4-5th, we held an action-packed weekend of training for the 2011 summer organizers. We shared our stories, acquired new skills, and learned all about recruiting and organizing volunteers in order to build out our grass roots campaign. We had fun as well. We sang songs to break the ice, played games to refresh our memory, and increase our knowledge of President Obama’s amazing record of accomplishments during the last two and a half years. We were inspired as watched videos of the President, including his 2004 DNC speech where he told his story of self. . Now, with his strong track record as the wind in our sails, we are all excited, motivated and committed to work hard for his 2012 campaign.

    Washington State SO Training 2011

    Our roles as summer organizers are critical to the success of 2012. We understand the value of data as it provides key performance indicators of progress, to work hard to achieve our goals and record our progress. The Washington staff provided a great review of the tools we will use, andgave us insight on techniques for volunteer recruitment and planning events. They led us in a game of Jeopardy to test our knowledge of the administration’s impact on the state of Washington. We received guidance on how to use digital media for organizing, and were encouraged to tweet in real time! Some of us set up a Twitter account for the first time this past weekend and began tweeting right away.

    We finished up our training weekend with sincere commitments to do our best to recruit volunteers this summer and kick-start the grassroots movement in Washington.

    All of us found great inspiration from this 2008 campaign video, where then-Senator Obama speaks about his experiences in Greenwood, SC: “If one voice can change a room, it can change a city…it can change a state …it can change a nation …it can change the world. Are you fired up, ready to go?” Yes Mr. President, we are fired up, ready to go!

    Join us, and get involved in Washington today. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in history as it is being made Work with us for President Obama’s 2012 campaign.