• The Buzz: Marriage Equality

    People across New Mexico are talking about President Obama’s historic remarks this week on marriage equality…

    Susan, Santa Fe:

    I am the mother with an only child who came out to me after her first semester at college. She is now a lovely woman who lives in California and is married to her wife. They are both wonderful mothers to my most precious three year old granddaughter. I would like all of them to live in a world of equal rights, love and acceptance of who they are and who they love.

    Barbara, Galisteo:

    “I like that he believes in being fair. It's just that simple.”

    Geoffrey, Gallup:

    “I'm so proud of our equality-loving President and Vice-President.”

    Dianne, Santa Fe:

    "I am proud of our President for coming out and supporting civil rights for all people. Equal rights, is not just gay rights. Any discrimination against a single class of citizen (based on love, mind you) is unacceptable & must be changed."

    Andres, Albuquerque:

    “Cheers to president Obama for having the courage to openly endorse gay marriage...equal rights for everybody, let’s go!”