• Meet our New Hampshire steering committee

    Today Obama for America launched its statewide New Hampshire Steering Committee, continuing to expand on the President’s commitment to build a grassroots movement in New Hampshire and across the country.

    Our New Hampshire steering committee includes a diverse group of grassroots volunteers, activists, elected officials and local party leaders, all of whom are committed to the campaign's goal of building neighbor-to-neighbor conversations in communities throughout the Granite State.

    The elected and community leaders who make up the New Hampshire steering committee represent geographically diverse communities across the state, including members from all ten counties, and more than 50 distinct individual cities and towns.

    The list in full:

    Nanette Avril, Franconia
    Bob Backus, Manchester
    Deb Bacon Nelson, Hanover
    Jeffery Ballard, Brookfield
    Jim Bouley, Concord
    Bob Bridgham, Madison
    John Broderick, Manchester
    George Bruno, Manchester
    Ray Buckley, Manchester
    Peter Hoe Burling, Cornish
    Deborah Butler, Concord
    Ed Butler, Hart's Location
    Miriam Cahill-Yeaton, Epsom
    Joe Casey, Rochester
    Alice Chamberlin, Warner
    John Chamberlin, Hanover
    Garth Corriveau, Manchester
    Joyce Craig, Manchester
    Carol Croteau, Kingston
    Lou D'Allesandro, Manchester
    James Demers, Concord
    Gaeten Digangi, Merrimack
    Tom Donovan, Manchester
    Larry Drake, Portsmouth
    Dayton Duncan, Walpole
    Dianne Duncan, Walpole
    Joann Fenton, Keene
    Thomas Ferrini, Portsmouth
    Susan Ford, Franconia
    Joe Foster, Nashua
    John Stephen Fox, Peterborough
    Martha Fuller Clark, Portsmouth
    Kathy Gillett, Manchester
    Peggy Gilmour, Hollis
    J. Joseph Grandmaison, Rye
    CeCe Hackett, Manchester
    Laura Hainey, Rochester
    Katherine Hanna, Bedford
    Bill Hatch, Gorham
    Garry Haworth, Manchester
    Ann Heffernon, Keene
    Claire Helfman, Hollis
    Ned Helms, Concord
    Gary Hirshberg, Concord
    Paul Hodes, Concord
    Beverly Hollingworth, Hampton
    Matthew Houde, Cornish
    Matt Huot, Laconia
    Joan Jacobs, Portsmouth
    Harold Janeway, Webster
    Joe Keefe, New Castle
    Maura Keefe
    Molly Kelly, Keene
    Pat Kinne, Charlestown
    Richard Komi, Manchester
    Ann Kuster, Hopkinton
    Diana Lacey, Belmont
    Bob Lamb, Holderness
    Judi Lanza, Goffstown
    Sylvia Larsen, Concord
    Bette Lasky, Nashua
    David Laughton, Auburn
    Patricia Lee, Hanover
    Karen Liot Hill, Lebanon
    Sandy MacKenzie, Nelson
    Liz McConnell, Brentwood
    Paul McEachern, Portsmouth
    Ricia McMahon, Sutton
    Amanda Merrill, Durham
    Liz Merry, Sanbornton
    Kate Miller, Meredith
    Chris Muns, Hampton
    Sharon Nordgren, Lebanon
    Terie Norelli, Portsmouth
    Paul O'Connor, Exeter
    Kathleen Oliver, Keene
    Daniel O'Neil, Manchester
    Christopher Pappas, Manchester
    Lenore Patton, Hampton
    David Pierce, Etna
    Deb Pignatelli, Nashua
    Sonia Prince, Nashua
    Liz Purdy, Concord
    Julie Radhakrishnan, Amherst
    Lilly Ramos-Spooner, Manchester
    Mary Rauh, New Castle
    Judy Reardon, Manchester
    Alan Reische, Manchester
    Deb Reynolds, Plymouth
    Martha Richards, Holderness
    Ricardo Rodriguez, Hopkinton
    Anne Rogers, Meredith
    Susan Roman, Durham
    Ellen Roy, Manchester
    Jean Sanders, Atkinson
    Tammy Seikmann, Londonderry
    Kathleen Sgambati, Tilton
    Bill Shaheen, Madbury
    Graham Smith, Amherst
    Dorothy Solomon, Albany
    Donna Soucy, Manchester
    Joanne St. John, Nashua
    Kathy Sullivan, Manchester
    Dick Swett, Bow
    Katrina Swett, Bow
    Kathy Thesing, Contoocook
    Katharine Thomas, Fitzwilliam
    Eric Kratz Tolbert Kilchenstein, Concord
    Alejandro Urrutia, Hudson
    Colin Van Ostern, Concord
    Mike Vlacich, Concord
    Judy Wallick, Grafton
    Mary Jane Wallner, Concord
    Rhonda Wesolowski, Newfields