• Live From the Field - GOTV Around the State

    With the primary deadline just days away, GOTV is in full-swing around the state. If you weren't able to make it yesterday, check out our recap of the day's events, and join us today for a canvass near you.

    Starting the day off right, Jose (right) in Yakima gathers his materials, ready to engage voters in Eastern Washington.

    Yakima Volunteers GOTV

    At the same time, Sen. Patty Murray kicks off a GOTV canvass in Seattle, drawing many first-time canvassers.

    Patti Murray King GOTV

    Later in the day, candidate-for-governor Jay Inslee thanks volunteers following a canvass in Tacoma.

    Jay in Tacoma
    "They have the Koch brothers," Inslee said of the Republican candidates, "and we have you."

    And it's because of your support that we'll come out strong in this Tuesday's Primary and elect Barack Obama and other Democrats this Fall. Thanks for all you do, and we hope to see you out there!