• It's WHO'S IN? Wednesday!

    Once again, it's WHO'S IN? Wednesday, – AAPI for Obama edition. We've got Phil D., a neighborhood team leader from Mercer Island, WA checking in. Here's what Phil had to say about his support for President Obama:

    Phil D.
    "I've actually been in since 2008– before 2008, even. I've always been impressed with his intelligence, judgment, and thoughtfulness. His character spoke to me in way that i've never experienced with other politicians."
    "I've been volunteering abroad for the past three years with a non-profit in China and the Marshall Islands. Since President Obama's term in office, i've noticed a change in the way the world perceives us as a nation. I think it's important to have a leader whose thoughtfulness inspires dialogue and collaboration around our most pressing global issues."

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