• Davenport's Got Barack's Back

    Davenport "We've Got His Back" Block Party

    Gabrielle Union dazzled Davenport in her inspiring visit to Iowa over the weekend. Over 400 people gathered in Cork Hill Park at Davenport’s very first “We’ve Got His Back” Block Party.


    Forty volunteers made the program seamless. Throughout the day, they worked hard painting faces, serving food, registering voters, and recruiting new neighborhood team members.

    Davenport "We've Got His Back" Block Party

    Union spoke to the President’s values and the accomplishments that have benefited the african american community.

    “President Obama is looking out for us. He knows what it’s like to stand in your shoes and he’s been working for middle class Americans his entire life.”

    Want to get involved? Sign up to volunteer and join us in achieving four more years with Barack Obama.