• Faces of the Arizona Campaign: Chris Gilfillan, Tempe Fall Fellow

    Chris Gilfillan

    Q1. Why did you become a Fall Fellow?

    Being a journalist, I have gained a strong passion for giving a voice to the voiceless. I believe being a Fall Fellow does give that voice through all the work we do together for President Obama’s reelection.

    Q2. Where did you attend college and what is your major?

    I went to the University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill--and was a Journalism and Spanish major. I am also a law school graduate.

    Q3.Favorite Color?

    Carolina Blue. Go Tar Heels.

    Q4. Why do you support President Obama?

    He also works toward giving that voice to the voiceless. He is a hero for so many people. If we want to help the middle class, we need to reelect President Obama.