• Want to make a difference?

    Be a part of OFA’s biggest fellows program ever.

    This spring, learn new organizing skills, advance the issues that matter to you most, and make a lasting impact on your community as an OFA Spring Fellow.

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  • Tell Congress to do right by the American worker

    The Senate has taken the first step toward renewing unemployment insurance, but passage is far from assured.

    Unemployment insurance is a safety net set up to protect us from the crises we can't see coming. And when we fall on tough times, we rally together—we don't turn our backs on one another. That's what unemployment insurance is about.
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    Economy and jobs
  • OFA's 13 favorite #StandWithWomen organizing moments of 2013

    In 2013, Women took a stand—and not just in pink shoes

    We stand with women by fighting for economic security, protecting access to health care, and supporting women’s leadership across the country. This year—from North Carolina to Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico—OFA volunteers took a stand—pink shoes and all. read more »
  • OFA's 13 favorite immigration reform organizing moments of 2013

    From one on one conversations to powerful public displays of support, OFA volunteers fought for reform in 2013.

    We came a long way toward achieving comprehensive immigration reform in 2013, including passing a landmark bill in the Senate. Take a look at OFA organizers' favorite moments in the fight for reform this year

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  • Did you see President Obama's note?

    "We're never going back."

    "Fundamental change like this doesn't happen just because people believe it's the right thing to do," said President Obama. "It happens because people like you, and organizations like OFA, fight for it—no matter how hard it gets." read more »
    Health Care Organizing
  • OFA's 13 favorite #ActOnClimate organizing moments of 2013

    97% of scientists believe climate change is real and man-made—this year OFA volunteers worked to make sure Congress is listening.

    In 2013, OFA volunteers delivered unicorn statues, called out climate deniers, and helped educate their communities in order to change the debate on climate change. Take a look at our 13 favorite climate organizing moments of 2013, as chosen by organizers themselves. read more »
    Climate Environment
  • The story of ice

    The scientific reality of climate change will affect humanity for generations to come.

    We are in this together—as the human race—and we still have time to make a difference. read more »
    Climate Environment
  • Introducing OFA's Digital Fellowship program

    Move to Chicago, make some friends, learn from the best, change the world.

    "How do I start a career in digital organizing with a progressive organization?" If that's your question, this is your answer.

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  • What Congress did

    Both parties came together to pass a bipartisan budget deal.

    We've come a long way in the ten weeks since House leaders let an extreme minority shut down the government. That's because of you. read more »
    Economy and jobs
  • The real story of the Affordable Care Act

    We all have a health care story to tell. Here's mine.

    Accidents happen to everyone. Life throws us curve-balls. We're all just patients with "pre-existing conditions" waiting to happen.

    That was until the the protections put in place by the Affordable Care Act. Now, Americans with pre-existing conditions can no longer be discriminated against or left to fend for themselves. read more »
    This Is Why Health Care
  • The final six

    Here are the last six representatives on OFA's list of House members who need to lead on comprehensive immigration reform.

    Immigration reform is an urgent issue, but these representatives have so far chosen not to act. All they have to do is demand a vote.

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  • Las Vegas stands with women

    Women share their stories of leadership.

    More than 25 leaders from across Southern Nevada gathered at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas recently for a roundtable discussion on women in leadership.

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    Women's Voices Women